’81 vintage. The older sister. The well behaved one. At school – the model pupil. Education was my thing. Good job wearing smart clothes – that was my goal. Until I met my future husband. He got me out of “rat race” and showed me the world outside the office. I then showed him that education is important and convinced him to take up studies. Anyway, with his vagabond attitude and my drive to perfection, we ended up in UK in 2006. Looks like deep inside I’ve always been a traveller. Just needed someone to guide me.



Who are we?


’79 vintage. Scorpio. Loner, keeping away from people – coz not many of them fulfil my criteria and most of them piss me off. Number of friends: 1, wife. Son still needs to deserve to be a friend. “Weirdo”, you’d think? I don’t give a shit. Get to know me, earn my respect and I will repay you with kindness. Mess with me and I will remember that. Mordant humour is the least you’ll experience.

I believe in karma and my favourite mottos are “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” and “One life, live it”.

Samuel Nathan Labus. Born on Saint Nicholas Day in 2010. Before I was due, each of my parents made a list of names they liked. “Samuel” was the only name that appeared on both. My middle name is my dad’s idea – after the protagonist of the UNCHARTED video game on PlayStation. So far so good.

Traveling since I was little. Slept through a lot at first, therefore don’t remember much. It’s better now, although sometimes I watch stuff on my tablet instead of watching where I am. And my parents get angry. I feel good traveling by car/plane/train – no motion sickness.

Thanks to these frequent trips and excursions, I have a great sense of direction – just ask my mum, how many times I had helped her when she got lost…

Because my dad likes mountain biking and hiking, I’ve got to like it too. So, at the age of 8, I hit trail centres and ride trails similar to the ones my dad did at the age of 14. I climb mountains all over the world using paths that my mum is afraid to walk on.

I think I enjoy this. Even if I don’t, I have no choice. Because my parents keep threatening me, saying they’ll leave me behind. Eh, hard life of a travellers’ child!

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